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Alpha Wave Movement Polyphasic Music (2019)

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

It's probably the best ambient music for relaxing or sleeping to sneak out through my ears since a very long time

1 Slow-Waves (L-Dopa Dreams) 14:47

2 Gentle Chronotype Cycle 10:32

3 Deep Departure 8:37

4 Zero To Four Cycles 16:07

(CD-R/DDL 50:04) (V.F.)

(Ambient Music)

What to do after an album that was looking for meditative breezes like Somnus? Go even further in this inductive musical vision that sounds strangely like the classic of classics; Structures from Silence of the great Steve Roach. POLYPHASIC MUSIC is without a doubt one of the most beautiful albums of pure ambient music to have coiled up around my ears for a long time. There are some very good ones that have been there, but not with an impact as powerful as this last album of Alpha Wave Movement.

First, let's dive into the deepness of Slow-Waves (L-Dopa Dreams)! Despite its 15 minutes, the title evolves at the speed of light between our hemispheres so much Gregory T has reached this nirvana of meditative contemplation that easily leads us to sleep. It's so much powerful that we very rarely reach the buzzing breaths of Gentle Chronotype Cycle. The music is built on the same principle as Reflections in Suspension from the album Structures from Silence. Either with harmonious layers that roll in loops while trying to harpoon the heavens to climb higher and higher. The musical texture is anesthetic with layers drenched with chloroform that leads us to a delicate turbulence where disordered throbs restructure the layers for chords that follow a bit this same ascensional pattern. This delicate rhythmic circular structured without vision becomes the cradle of a fascinating percussive melody that pervades the atmosphere until wakening up an astral choir that ends up bringing us to the gates of Morpheus and his sleepy arms. Slow-Waves (L-Dopa Dreams) will certainly become a classic in the Alpha Wave Movement repertoire. And it looks difficult to survive to such a title! However, Gentle Chronotype Cycle achieves this by undoing its buzzing mass to generate soporific layers of a synth whose tones range from sharp crystals to orchestral morphic layers. Arpeggios flutter inside this dormant circle, radiating a lifeless rhythm. The chants of its moiré prism infiltrates the density of this mass that hovers in a musical texture such as a collection of evolutionary buzzes can offer. Deep Departure follows as a shadow that buzzes and resonates. Like an industrial breathing that dies. And as with Gentle Chronotype Cycle, a soft meditative atmosphere comes out and layer lines, shadows and pads where chloroform becomes our new confidant. Zero To Four Cycles ends this POLYPHASIC MUSIC with this cloud of synth layers and pads to the colors of sleep that crisscross the 50 minutes of the last album from Alpha Wave Movement. They pile up by taking different tangents which respects the homogeneity of the surrounding movement. Rumblings are breathing, as well as delicate arpeggios that jump and whose luminous jingles seem to want to give a parallel life to some synth pads where chthonian chorus and seraphic aubade manage to solidify this phase of sleep that has already invaded us soon after Slow-Waves (L-Dopa Dreams).

Although Alpha Wave Movement has accustomed us to meditative music, none has left such a beautiful imprint in our ears as this POLYPHASIC MUSIC. Soft, musical and extremely effective for inductive sleep meditation, this is a wonderful album that will delight fans of the genre.

Sylvain Lupari (September 6th, 2019) *****

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