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ANDY PICKFORD: Adagiometry Vol. 3 (2016)

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

“It's maybe the least convincing to me but still it remains a very good composition work and music”

1 Adagiometry No. 3 3:50 2 Velcronomics 5:36 3 In Silent Vigil 4:40 4 Could You Cry (Speechless Mix) 5:15 AD Music AD183 (DDL 19:22) (V.F.) (Orchestral et cinematographic EM)

If the first 2 volumes of the Adagiometry series began with slow orchestral approaches, Andy Pickford changes a little the order with ADAGIOMETRY Vol. 3 by caressing an approach which aims to be more Electronica. Indeed, Adagiometry No. 3 offers a good down-tempo a bit nonchalant, like approach of a cowboy who arrives at Daisy Town, in a good Lounge mood. The rhythm is delicate and the play of the percussions is rather catchy. Adagiometry No 3 wraps itself afterward with a very spheroidal orchestral approach with its thick cloud of philharmonic strings which wind around a structure of rhythm which gives us some little ants in our legs. Velcronomics is more convincing with a structure still sat on a good percussions pattern and on chords which stretch their charms in lines a bit stroboscopic. I like the effects of percussions and I have this vague feeling here to hear some Peter Murphy in The Answer is Clear from the album Should the World Fail to Fall Apart. This adds all the charms to another title which plays in the area of nightclub music. Mr. Pickford returns to his symphonic serenades with the lento of In Silent Vigil. This time, horns hide a very slow walking which is knocked by heavy percussions. The violins make very solemn! Intense and dramatic, one would imagine to be at the movie.

Could You Cry (Speechless Mix) is halfway between synth-pop and the cinematic music of Andy Pickford. It’s a soft ballad sat on a delicate up-tempo sculptured by some sober percussions a bit Electronica. The layers of violin fight to restore a cinematic mood which leaks out little by little in an envelope of Japanese melody. Does the Adagiometry series get out of breath? We shall judge after the 4th volume. In the meantime, ADAGIOMETRY Vol. 3 is the least convincing E.P. of this series. If the music always remains quite good, its flight towards other kinds mixed in orchestrations as celestial as filmic, such as heard during the first 2 first volumes, leaves us a little on our appetite. A little something is missing there. We shall see in Adagiometry Vol. 4

Sylvain Lupari (November 26th, 2016) **¾***

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