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ART OF INFINITY: Evolution (Parts 1-4) (2000/2014)

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Evolution (Parts 1-4) is above all for those who know, or don't know, the music of Art Of Infinity just only recently

1 The Beginning 4:14

2 The Creation 4:05

3 Through the Ages 9:52

4 New Horizon 2:34

(DDL 21:04) (V.F.)

(Progressive and ambient EM)

Some new music from Art Of Infinity? Not completely! It's been a long 2 years since that the fans of the Thorsten Sudler-Manz and Thorsten Rentsch's band have nothing to put in their ears. So, just to make them wait, especially the new ones, AOI puts on-line an old music piece from the New Horizon album which is dated from 2003. An EP entitled EVOLUTION (Parts 1-4). And there is nothing new to write about, except that this longest track from the AOI repertoire is now divided in 4 parts. Still this is beautiful and as always very oneiric. It's a long track which depicts with wonder all the universe of the German band which is very at ease with an EM and a more progressive style of music where the spirituality and the harmonies live on structures as much melodious than heterogeneous.

The Beginning gets into our ears with noises of machines which get lost in a cosmic horizon. We hear some delicate arpeggios shiver in the resonances of piano notes which are scattered through the fragile breaths of synth. Dreamy solos caress our ears of their ambient harmonies. They float on this structure filled of sibylline mist and moods a la Blade Runner and they sometimes sound just like laments of a wandering saxophone while quite slowly The Beginning, and its industrial explosions, glides towards the very soft galactic down-tempo that is The Creation. There, we are totally in a Floydish universe with celestial choirs, a heavy but very harmonious drum, some very sober guitar riffs and a synth with peaceful smog aromas. There is a seductive fusion between this synth and a saxophone which throw harmonies, as well as ambiences, which greet the soft voice, a very Roger Waters' kind, of Thorsten Sudler-Manz. Although melodious, the universe of EVOLUTION rests on an emotive fragility that plunges us into some good ambient phases. Through The Ages proposes a very atmospherical, and quite ambiosonic, structure which little by little is split in a cosmic drama where elements burst out in order to scatter phases, as ambient or tribal or simply savages, in the roots of a soft increasing madness. The title-track concludes this EP with an ambient sweetness which takes back the incredibly attractive and hypnotic harmonies of The Creation.

Nothing new! It's true, but this always remains so beautiful. EVOLUTION (Parts 1-4) is above all for those who know the music of Art Of Infinity just recently. It's available on iTunes, Spotify, etc… and it's an excellent way to learn about this group which possesses this small romantic cachet where the harmonies shine on structures as ambient and as progressive but always very melodious.

Sylvain Lupari (June 23rd, 2014) *****

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