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DARK AMBIENT RADIO: Vol. III Muzak for the Final Elevation (2013)

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Sounds from the depths of the earth and rustles from the movements of spectres, Muzak for the Final Elevation is a pure chthonian symphony

1 The Element 5:51

2 The Inner Circle of Endless Slumber 6:20

3 Macerie 6:36

4 Hypsoma 6:58

5 Deep Stare 6:26

6 Mechanised Cataclysm 6:57

7 Miasma 6:53

8 Fainting Memory 7:02

9 Babylon´s Strange 7:00

10 Fearing the Dawn 6:52

11 Small Humyn 5:44

(DDL 72:44) (V.F.) (Dark Ambient)

Sounds from the depths of the earth and the cave of the blackness, murmurs of crematoria and rustles from the movements of spectres, evasive rhythms and atmospheres of cerebral tortures; the black and ambient EM wins followers year after year. In a point such that an Internet radio, Dark Ambient Radio, is exclusively reserved for it since the catacombs of a somber Scandinavian point of origin and is broadcast in about 52 cities or country. Even the EM named more luminous isn't entitled to such a treatment. For 5 years, musicians scattered in these Nordic territories participate in the collective enrichment of the world of the black ambient music by submitting musical pieces to the community which selects the best for the purpose of compilations. The result is a compilation soberly, and somberly, entitled; Dark Ambient Radio. The volume 1 has been released in 2008 and volume 2 followed one year later. And since then, it's the black silence. The third volume took shape on last winter; MUZAK FOR THE FINAL ELEVATION. A compilation in which has participated the enigmatic Stephen Parsick who sent it to me this for the pleasure of my ears and also to inform the followers of the black and ambient EM that they are definitively not alone and that Legion is their name.

The effect of the fear is better in the dark. One has to remember this when we let ourselves immersed into MUZAK FOR THE FINAL ELEVATION. Aspectee sets the tone with a concert of breezes and spectral breaths. The Element floats in a heavy dark ambience flavored of clammy drizzle and by disturbing murmurs. And quietly the listener embraces the clasps of the darkness with a suite of tracks which follow each other in a stunning Mephistophelian symphony to reach a nirvana in the middle of this odyssey of the twilights. Previously we are entitled to a more cosmic track in Nepenthe's The Inner Circle of Endless Slumber which borrows the same effects of ambiospheric darkness with somber breaths, slain voices and rustles of machineries which float in abysses fed by intriguing tones. The effect of void is enveloping and the few arpeggios which ring in its immensity increase the impression of profound solitude. The winds which squeak on the opening of Macerie follow an upward curve which is mooing under the deaf beatings of industrial machinery. This track from Valerio Orlandini brings the very first beatings and the shades of a rhythm lifted by jerky breaths. The rhythm is alive but beats on tiptoe and these beatings are made hear in the thick cloud of black winds and voices which takes a more angelic form with the soft arrangements of Mortaja on Hypsoma, a real demonic incantation. An astral gong weakens the translucent reverberations of Deep Stare. The duet Aspectee and Sjellos orchestrates a symphony for drones of which the whirrings are droning in a universe of latent paranoia with a pleiad of noises and eclectic tones trapped in the agony of pale synth lines.

Mechanised Cataclysm from Crepuscular is a very intense track which plunges us into the blackness of a cosmos inhabited by the jolts of a dark force. Whispers of the NASA cohabit with pulsating modulations while we dive into a cosmic frenzy where an organic fauna bustles in a slow atonal procession that gets lost in a violent storm of iconoclastic noises. The emptiness will never have had arms so crushing. Organic rustles open Miasma, from Myth Industries and Sjellos. The movement is oppressive with some metallic elytrons which shiver in the crackling of fuzzy footsteps which go round in circles in a silky insanity. And from nowhere, the track embraces the rhythms of the spiritual ethnic trances of the Roachian deserts where whistle those singing winds and blow the hollow breezes. Very active on this compilation, Sjellos signs also the stormiest track with Fainting Memory and its percussions which embroider the pace of an intense dance of winds under the soft linear movements of a synth and of its waltz of strong current of winds which fly in strange vocalised fragrances. And after this rhythmic ascent, MUZAK FOR THE FINAL ELEVATION makes inverse road with the very chthonian Babylon´s Strange from Stephen Parsick where the satanic choruses hum forbidden arias in the breaths of Siberian winds. Fearing the Dawn, from Winterbound, and Small Humyn, from Mytrip, end this 3rd volume of the series Dark Ambient Radio with a concerto for winds to extreme temperatures where are buzzing breaths and parallel voices which weave the atmospheres at the limits of the den of the chthonian madness which inspire these 11 tracks of MUZAK FOR THE FINAL ELEVATION.

Sylvain Lupari (May 2nd, 2013) *****

Available at Dark Ambient Radio

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