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DreamerProject Beyond Dreams (2019)

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

If one likes David Wright's music, Chris Franke's Pacific Coast Highway and Vangelis' Chariots of Fire, there's no reason not to like this Beyond Dreams

1 Voyage, Pt.7 4:16

2 Horizons 5:14

3 Visions 5:36

4 Glorious 5:18

5 Entrance 5:40

6 Sunrise 4:54

7 Dreamscape - Extract (Featuring David Wright) 4:34

8 Voyage, Pt. 7 (Real World Remix) 4:52

9 Summertime 3:56

10 Acoustic Dreams 6:04

11 Horizons (Glenn Main Remix) 4:58

12 Morning Mist 9:36

13 Drifting 6:26

(CD-r/DDL/Spotify 71:24) (V.F.)

(New Age, E-rock)

Vangelis, like Chris Franke, are two artists who have made the transition from a sophisticated EM to a more accessible one. And for each of them, this passage was generally well received by the fans. And if you are among those who have succumbed to the charms of this orientation that pours to New Age, this BEYOND DREAMS is for you. DreamerProject is the project of the Norwegian musician Kjetil Ingebrigtsen. His first album, Voyage, was released in 2012 on his label DPR Records. The same year, the AD Music released his second album; The Road to Your Heart. An album of music structured to please a wider audience that I quite enjoyed back then. And since, 3 E.P. have been released by the England-based label. And it's around this amount of creativity that this kind of Best of ... is made of. It contains the entire E.P. Visions, two tracks from his only album on AD Music and 3 unreleased tracks. In the end, it's a nice array of titles that should appeal to fans of an EM designed to charm and coax people, since DreamerProject flirts with all genres, including an England School more melodious than outrageous.

Voyage being the only album unknown to me. It’s therefore with Voyage, Pt.7 that this compilation opens. Zigzagging sequences and synth in flute mode cling to an abrupt rhythm where a layer of celestial voices hangs onto. The arrangements are in David Wright's tone with a melodious approach that resembles to Yanni's style in a musical perfume as much Mediterranean than Latinos. The rhythm is broken a few times to add harmonious elements more and more attractive. Horizons, Visions and Glorious belong to E.P. Visions. The music is more accentuated with an enhanced sound envelope, like most remixes of old EM albums that we hear lately. But there is a small mistake; instead of Glorious we actually hear Drifting. Both titles were reversed. Entrance is one of the new titles. This is a good New Age melody that is focused on a guitar effect. Sunrise alone explains why Kjetil Ingebrigtsen's music is linked to Vangelis'. It was very beautiful on Visions and it's still is here.

It's shortened of 8 minutes that Dreamscape lands between my ears. This very Chris Franke title was one of my favorites on The Road to Your Heart. One has cut the long introduction and the airy finale to focus on the rhythm and the synth solo. Very good decision from David Wright who is doing very well here! Real World's remix of Voyage, Pt. 7 brings us into the world of Dance & Trance music. This is followed by a very nostalgic mid-tempo of Summertime, while Acoustic Dreams, the last new title of DreamerProject in almost 7 years is a pure ambient ballad that can be listened while taking a walk in the autumn morning mist. Glenn Main gives a more electronic rock vision à la Jean-Michel Jarre (are we surprised) on Horizons while Morning Mist keeps all those morning samplings in the country that we discovered in The Road to Your Heart. It's with the very inspired and catchy electronic rock of Glorious that concludes BEYOND DREAMS. A beautiful and harmonious musical compilation that respects this progressive New Age philosophy of AD Music. If you like David Wright's music, Chris Franke's Pacific Coast Highway album and Vangelis' Chariots of Fire, there's no reason not to like this BEYOND DREAMS from DreamerProject.

Sylvain Lupari (October 11th, 2019) *****

Available at AD Music

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Kjetil Ingebrigtsen
Kjetil Ingebrigtsen
05 nov 2019

There is no mistake regarding the tracks Drifting and Glorious.

Mi piace
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