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E=MOTION: Time is a Dimension we can Bend (2013)

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

When you can tie a link between this album to Manuel Gottsching's E2E4, we know we have something good between our ears

1 Time is a Dimension we can Bend 55:00

(CD-r/DDL 55:00) (V.F.)

(Trance, Techno, EM)

Sequence keys are spinning in hypnotic loops, spitting a funky beat which binds itself into some glaucous pulsations of which the resonances couple to the symmetric strikings of electronic percussions. Another line of sequences, more of a dancing music style, spreads over this structure of rhythm which coos such as a zombie on acid, before switching shape for a melodious approach which will eat away our ears during the 55 minutes that beats Time is a Dimension we can Bend. It's been a while that we have heard about E=Motion. Since Drifting Loops in 2008, Jacek Spruch made himself silent. And recently he re-appears on social networks, announcing a new mastering and re-release of his works on SynGate as well as a new album; TIME IS A DIMENSION WE CAN BEND. So far as I can remember I always liked the music of Jacek Spruch. He was one of the first artists to want to collaborate with my reviewing project and I had discovered a very nice man who evolved in an electronic world where the rhythms prevailed on ambiences. And at this level, Time is a Dimension we can Bend reflects well enough the musical spirit of the Polish synthman. In a musical pattern inspired by Manuel Gottsching's E2E4 album, Jacek Spruch spreads a structure of minimalist rhythm where the first chords, the first pulsations and the first knocks of drum sticks stretch until the last second in a rhythmic cocoon of semi trance which frees fine melodies of which the airs go and come like earworms working constantly to develop the nuances which will enrich the community of the rhythmic loops of TIME IS A DIMENSION WE CAN BEND. The sequenced approach is split into two parts; one rhythmic, which rolls constantly in loops into the strikings of percussions and the beatings of organic pulsations, and another one more harmonious which varies its keys in order to weave some cosmic hoops which encircle a soft structure of hypnotic trance and some fine stroboscopic filets. Synths are like winds which feed the flapping of the rhythmic cocoon by injecting melodious traps which coo of tones as crystal clear than sizzling and sibylline.

Boring!? It depends on the expectations. Fifty five minutes to wriggle in his lounge or on a floor of dance... Well, that can seem long. But every time we seem to have reached the limits of tolerance, there is this synth which comes back to sing its harmonies which melt themselves so well in the rhythmic eddies that we don’t know any more where is situated neither the time, nor the time of TIME IS A DIMENSION WE CAN BEND. And when that its point of comparison is Manuel Gottsching's strong E2E4, we know that we are in good company with this new album of E=Motion. Welcome back Jacek!

Sylvain Lupari (July 26th, 2013) ***¾**

Available at SynGate Bandcamp

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