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Fringo Chills the Nature (2018)

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

This album is much designed for fans of Chill Ambient music with this hint of psychedelism on soft rhythms

1 Heaven's Drops 12:43 2 Andthencomestherain 10:10 3 Grecko 16:55 4 Sky 19:39 5 An Undiscovered Cave 17:46 SynGate/Luna | FC02

(CD-r/DDL 77:12) (V.F.) (Chill Ambient)

A distant synth wave gradually covers our eardrums. Bass impulses give the impression that a big machine hums in this seraphic setting where a few jumping keys sprout. The synth lines get agglutinate sparingly, giving a purify soundscape while being quite ethereal. Silence imposes a brief atonal moment around 210 seconds. Moment when the sky leaks drops of sounds as pure as crystal and where a single sheet of synth extends its buzzing lines. Evolving slowly, Heaven's Drops drops these drops with the precision of a hammer which tirelessly knocks on a hard glass anvil. And its repetitive strokes form the basis of an unexpected rhythm with a very discreet echo effect which, multiplied with the jumping keys and the jingles of percussion, feeds a structure of ambient rhythm which sparkles between the ears while the textures of the synth pads are evolving into a more angelic vision. ...IN THE NATURE follows the model proposed by Fringo Chills in his first album ... The First Time, released in 2015 on SynGate label, with long meditative structures where germ some ambient rhythms. Except for Andthencomestherain which is a title where the ambiences and the musical panorama are darker. No rhythm here, and the elements of ambient music evolve with the color of the time. The blows and layers of synth extend an effect of black ink in the heavens of this soundscape where chthonic voices call for the rain. A fine rain which will fall in the 2nd part of the 10 minutes of this title. As for me, this title brings nothing to this album, especially that these main elements of charms are found without looking in the next 3 tracks of this album. Grecko offers an introduction tinted of these cavernous atmospheres. Organic noises ooze from the walls whereas voices embryos float with an uncertain approach. This staging, which sometimes flirts with the Zeit's atmospheres, of more or less 7 minutes gives birth to a structure of linear rhythm where the sequences jump nonchalantly in a universe colored of psychedelic essences. Sky also breathes these scents of Zeit with a rich adornment where the synth breezes converge with a din in their tonal differences. A movement of the sequencer sculpts an ambient rhythm which beats with the regularity of a clock in a hurry to finish the deadline of its time. The ambience elements which accompany its minimalist progression become as rich as in its introduction, blowing, ululating and multiplying strata and sonic sediments that give a surreal tint to a setting already rich in sounds and tones. An Undiscovered Cave is the most successful of these 3 titles looking like sound researches done outside of our comfort zone. The approach is very Steve Roach at times. If the breezes are hollow, cavernous, and full of ghostly voices, the rhythm which comes out has all the appearances of a structure designed to charm the ears in its hypnotic approach. The sequences seem soaked with water and emit glaucous tones in the footprints of their hobbling hooves. The synth waves are very close to Pink Floyd's territories here, giving even more relief to this string of sequences that detaches its keys spinning around like a swarm of lost steps. Two lines of rhythms and an abundance of synth strata with aromas of the 60's and 70's, An Undiscovered Cave and that kind of title which makes the eyes as wide as the ears. Even the ambiances of its finale seem to have the colors necessary to revive the music on another theme. …IN THE NATURE is designed for fans of Chill Ambient music with its hint of psychedelism and its soft rhythms to sonic reflections as seductive as unexpected. The way Frank Rothe manages to combine these textures of Tangerine Dream's Pink years and Pink Floyd's 69-71 years in order to marinate them in structures of ambient electronic rhythm is undeniably the strong flavor of this album. Five long titles with an average length of 15 minutes, this second opus of Fringo Chills also has its moments of length. It's an evil for a good if one wants to recharge our serenity since the oases of surprises arise here and there in order to revitalize the listening of IN THE NATURE. Sylvain Lupari (June 1st, 2018) ***½** Available on Luna SynGate Bandcamp

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