• Sylvain Lupari

GUSTAVO JOBIM: In Search of Berlin (2012)

Updated: Mar 16

For a home-made album, In Search of Berlin is a surprising discovery

1 Echoes of Berlin 9:33

2 Underground Train 10:35

3 Midnight Mists 7:50

4 The Ascension 10:25

5 The Inner Outer Space 13:33

6 Hallucinations 11:20

7 Berlin Endless 14:57

Gustavo Jobim Music

(DDL 75:39) (V.F.)

(Indie, Berlin School)

IN SEARCH OF BERLIN is a kind of back to the roots of the Berlin School. It's a musical journey in the heart of Gustavo Jobim's influences and the first movements on the sound experiences linked to the beginning of this musical movement, exception made of Underground Train. For his 6th opus, the Brazilian synthesist weaves long titles with experimental ambiences painted of lugubrious and Mephistophelic approaches where rhythms give way to ambiences rich in mellotron textures, like in the heyday of