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LENSFLARE: Ultraviolet 2 (2018)

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

“Much more ambiospherical than the first chapter Ultraviolet 2 is a blend of pure Cosmic essence and of morphing Berlin School”

1 Cosmic Radiation 18:05 2 Time Warp 16:00 3 Gamma Decay 21:28 Lensflare Music

(DDL 55:34) (V.F.) (Cosmic and floating Berlin School)

Breaths made of ochre and deaf reverberations perfume an introduction where a thick surface of synth waves and of rippling synth lines are retaining the impulse of "Cosmic Radiation". In fact, the intro, and the ambiences to come from this title, depicts quite right the territory in which Cosmic Radiation evolves and by ricochet this album of Lensflare. Cosmic electronic effects, and other ones purely electronic, mark out a procession at the counter of a title which has difficulty in breathing, so much the atmospheres are weaved in stitches of tones without holes to make breathe the tissue. Layers of voice? Why not! It was the only element being lacking in this puddle of sound graffiti and sound effects. And their presences after 3 minutes comfort the fans of Berlin School. We smell that Lensflare is going to give birth soon. But it will rather be like a mountain giving birth to a mouse. Sequences packed of radiances, one would say Syndromeda's sequencing pattern, roam here and there before a less irradiant line of sequences modulates these rhythms which flicker with alacrity to make dance our neurons. This first phase of motionless rhythm lays down short oscillations without cleaning up the elements of ambiences present from the first seconds of this first title, and which will be living right to the very end of ULTRAVIOLET 2. Little by little, the structure frees shapes of cosmic rodeos to which are grafted layers of voices which are as much fed than the rippling vapors of the synths. And quite slowly, the life of Cosmic Radiation goes out under this thick veil of cosmic radiations. If the first Ultraviolet was an album of free interpretation about Rubycon, this album brings us back a little more in the universe of the cosmic atmospheres a bit complexes and progressives of The Valle dell' Inferno, released at the beginning of 2018. We are here in a mixture of ambient cosmic music and Berlin School, which the Italian synthesist has composed in his studio of Guidonia in Italy at this beginning of 2018.

ULTRAVIOLET 2 is 3 long structures of which the slow evolutions take place in a universe where our ears have already put their lobes. Background noises, sound effects as cosmic as organic, sinuous lines and sinister reverberations as well as layers of voices and aerial flutes give birth and suffocate rhythms too weak to drill this sound opacity which is the ink of this album. Time Warp doesn't escape to this vision of Lensflare for this album, while only the short invasion of the sequencer in Gamma Decay escapes the domination of the atmospheres. For the rest, this ULTRAVIOLET 2 reaches the goal aimed; either a good cosmic music with a little of Berlin School. Sylvain Lupari (May 18th, 2018) ***** Available on Lensflare's Bandcamp

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