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Mac of BIOnighT Magnitude 02 (2022)

If you have enjoyed Magnitude 01, there is no reason why it should be the opposite here

1 Magnitude part 08 4:54

2 Magnitude part 09 5:14

3 Magnitude part 10 3:48

4 Magnitude part 11 4:17

5 Magnitude part 12 4:38

6 Magnitude part 13 3:59

7 Magnitude part 14 5:21

8 Magnitude part 15 3:27

(DDL 35:41) (V.F.)

(Cosmic EM)

If you have enjoyed Magnitude 01, there is no reason why it should be the opposite with MAGNITUDE 02. Although slightly more complex in some phases of composition, the music of this sequel strongly inspired by the Cosmos and guided by the use of the GForce synth/keyboard relies on lively rhythms as well as catchy melodies that roll their tunes in the grooves of good synth solos and in an interstellar setting where some sound effects flirt with psybient.

After a short, usual introduction, Magnitude part 08 wastes no more than 20 seconds before the sequencer activates a rhythm line that pulsates brightly while following an oscillating curve. A line of crystalline arpeggios embraces this path, while fat and resonant chords start to crawl and weave a sonic envelope that buzzes just enough to adequately fill the music's lunar setting. One just can't ignore this Jean-Michel Jarre connection that influences the artistic direction of MAGNITUDE 02. This was also the case with Magnitude 01. The percussions tie up to this rhythmic phase that makes its arpeggios sparkle in a harmonic way almost 90 seconds later. The movement becomes heavy and lively, especially with the addition of a pulsating bass line. This new union forges a good, slightly cosmic electronic rock with good synth harmonies that are laid down as a musical blanket. As in a real rock dominated by percussions, the rhythm takes another tangent around the 3:30 minutes to become more rock than cosmic, under a synth that draws its solos with an always harmonic vision. The tone is set! Like in Magnitude 01, each track of MAGNITUDE 02 is composed in multi-layer mode. We are talking about sequences, pulsating bass lines, bass strings and electronic percussions whose different combination structure evolving movements, even in short time frames, in very catchy rhythmic visions. The same principle can be applied, to a lesser extent, to the harmonies that change hues like of skin, as well as the numerous synth solos all created with a melodious vision. The ambiences are thought with cosmic and psybient visions.

The album is also divided by atmospheric moments that are slightly more complex on this suite. Like in Magnitude part 09 and its voice and orchestral layers that drift in a luxurious cosmic decor. And this setting manages to put the darkness of Cosmos between our ears. The sounds sound like those distorted chants produced by the Theremin Waves. The movement is slow and propels us in the auditory memories of the series The Outer Limits. Some synth layers are delivered in a cathedral intensity and their fluctuations leave traces in a sound universe that flirts with cosmic psybient. Magnitude part 10 is a track that catches on the first listen with its good cadenced melody whose its lower tone rolls back and forth in undulating loops. The keyboard weaves another line of shimmering melody that waltzes against the harmonic rhythm, creating a good invitation to create an earworm. Magnitude part 11 is as catchy as Magnitude part 08. Ditto for the catchy electronic rock of Magnitude part 12 which is also fed with very good synth solos of which the two tones are propelled in aerial acrobatics. Magnitude part 13 is the second atmospheric track. It is slightly more complex, in its sound fauna and its fluctuations, than Magnitude part 09 and has also more intense layers which make think of the Phantom of the Opera ambiences. Magnitude part 14 proposes another electronic rhythm in the cosmic rock genre, but with a more complex degree, while Magnitude part 15 ends this second vision of the MAGNITUDE trilogy with another catchy rhythm and a melodic approach worthy of being played on the FM waves.

There's no need to rack your brains to enjoy MAGNITUDE 02 by Mac of BIOnight. This logical sequel that breathes the very commercial approach of Magnitude 01 is just as tasty, even with this slight coefficient of complexity that gives some depth to an electronic music that would be far too accessible without it. It's good! And we treat our ears!

Sylvain Lupari (December 2nd, 2022) ***¾**

Available at Mac of BIOnight Bandcamp

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