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MAX CORBACHO: Echo of Longing (2019)

“If drones could sing, they would probably have the voice of those proposed by Max Corbacho!”

1 Echo of Longing 28:35

2 Embryo of Drones 19:04

3 The Noble Beyond 26:05

(CD/DDL/Spotify 73:43)

(Ambient, Drones)

The void, the space and the galaxies! The ambient music of Max Corbacho revolves around these three axes. ECHO OF LONGING is no different from the last 3 opus that the Spanish musician made me discover since Source of Present in 2017. The album, offered in CD manufactured and in download, offers 3 long rivers of tranquility whispered by the breaths of stars. We relax, we let go and we don't listen to this music while driving! 😊

The long title-track thus invites us to the dormitory of the Cosmos with an oblong minimalist hum. Layers of sibylline voices whisper a sterile incantation while the sound ship drifts as if we were celestial bodies having a rendezvous with a future life. Echo of Longing is like a linear eternal breath that acts like a magnet to trap us in a phase of tranquility. If we are attentive, we hear these stars, always distant, whispered a dialect coded in the prism. And we also detect these subtle derivations in this spatial race with fine implosions that sometimes smear the music with a dramatic aura. The second part offers more appeal with twinkles that almost sing, but which give a tinge of cosmic drama with an increased disruption of the serenity phases of this long journey that eventually dies out as it appeared. Embryo of Drones is finely tuned to the title track and continues by digging as well in this collection of sound textures that has turned upside down its sweet derivation. The oscillations here are more intense, both in the movement of the chloroform pads and with this magnetic field of this sound shimmerings' turbulence. The serenity roars in order to preserve its rights in a sonic tumult which nevertheless preserves these charms, and which are best enjoyed with the ears wide open. This is my favorite track here since the correlations with Steve Roach's ambient music are undeniable. Independent of the first two structures, The Noble Beyond gives even more weight to this comparison with an impressive ambient ballet conceived in infinite intertwining of multiple synth lines that surrender to the vices of Cosmos. Very quiet, this title definitely belongs to this sleep section of my iPod.

If drones could sing, they would probably have the voice of those proposed by Max Corbacho! Without great surprises, or revelations about a possible new musical orientation from the Spanish musician, ECHO OF LONGING pursues this tireless musical quest in the cosmic abysses. Always guiding us to sleep, the music is also beautiful if you want to do a passive listening with a little more interest, especially for Embryo of Drones which has a slight touch Dark Wave. It's a nice relaxation music that equals that of Steve Roach and especially that of Juta Takahashi.

Sylvain Lupari (05/10/19) *****

Available on Max Corbacho's Bandcamp

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