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MAX CORBACHO: Source of Present (2017)

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

“This is a massive walls of ambient moods ideal for those lovers of astral atmospheres who like disconnecting when the masses of sounds are heavy, rich and compact”

1 The Beginning of Remembering 23:44 2 Soul of the World 7:17 3 Echoing Shade 6:11 4 Transparent Phenomena 4:17 5 Source of Present 18:49 6 On this Journey 13:07 Max Corbacho Music

(CD-r/DDL/Spotify 73:36) (Deep Ambient Music) (V.F.)

Aficionados of quiet and relaxing EM, at your wallets! Max Corbacho's name was no stranger to me to have seen it on diverse compilations and on Ron Boots' weekly E-news. If my eyes knew, my ears not! And very often I told myself; one day I got to try it. This day arrived when the Spanish synthesist contacted me to offer me his latest opus, his 17th I believe, SOURCE OF PRESENT. First analysis; a very quiet album! Like a heap of clouds in a sky drained of its energy, the music here moves with this vision that we have of these big cosmic vessels which are trapped in a dense effect of gravity.

An ascent of hummings begins my discovery of SOURCE OF PRESENT. Long of its 24 minutes, The Beginning of Remembering establishes an immense wall in height where try to climb some small translucent strands and thin lines of voices. Here, the details are important in this work for music lovers of cosmic atmospheres. A good set of earphones is as much important as a good 3D glasses for a movie, otherwise we miss the nuances in the slow, because the heavy wall moves, evolution of The Beginning of Remembering, like these translucent effects which shine here and there. We can also talk about these stars which whistle around the 8th minute or still these hollow breezes which sleep around the 14 minutes. Elements among so many others which are grafted at the immovability of this wall to measure well its decoration and which also give a more interesting tint to this immense sound vessel which continues its ascent towards the path of the highest stars. Soul of the World is in the same vein but is clearly more intense with effects of loops and reverberations which give a very sibylline aspect to the slow travel of the music. Echoing Shade is more relaxing, more ethereal. It's this kind of music which suits very well a contemplation of the sky the arms behind the head while listening to the breathing of our lover. We even find these resounding effects towards its finale, just to remind us the black and cosmic roots of SOURCE OF PRESENT. This title and Transparent Phenomena bring us to another level because the title-track continues our journey in the country of contemplation with an astral ascent which reminds me, especially at the level of the voices' layers, of the very ethereal universe from Michael Stearns. Wide bands of synth waves are wrapping the blackness just with just what it needs in order to let filter thin incandescent cracks. Moreover, it's these small bright cracks which decorate this nuance between the cosmic and the esotericism of this fiercely ambient work from Max Corbacho. So rich as dense, heavy and slow, the soundscape in Source of Present goes adrift between the universes of Steve Roach and of Michel Huygen. We can hear spiritual jingles hang onto the fall of layers while that from time to times we hear sharpened nails scrape on these impregnable walls of sound. Very rooted in its ambient cocoon, the music proposes a good duel between the cosmic darkness and these weak lights coming from distant stars. On this Journey ends this last opus of the Spanish sculptor of ambiences with a music so calm and intense as in Soul of the World, effects of loops and of and reverberations in less. For music lovers of astral atmospheres who like disconnecting when the masses of sounds are heavy, rich and compact.

Sylvain Lupari (November 30th, 2017) ***¾**

Available on Max Corbacho's Bandcamp

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