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Moonbooter Under Control (2007)

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

I found this album offers a good diversity of styles in dance-music and e-rock

1 Not Real 5:24

2 Arped Obsession 5:36

3 String Theory 6:13

4 Silence De La Nuit 7:03

5 Progression 6:16

6 Mellowman 3:54

7 Said Goodbye 5:13

8 Last Contact (4 am) 6:11

9 End Splice Anthem 5:02

10 E M Da Phunk 6:26

11 Cold Sun 5:48

12 Gaples Time 6:44

13 3 Months And 3 Weeks 8:11

(CD-r/DDL 78:05) (V.F.)

(EDM, Techno & E-Rock)

EM can go beyond the frameworks of Berlin School-style sequenced music, as well as complex and progressive boundaries. Kind of like Moonbooter's last album. New artist that I recently discovered with his Teralogica album, Bernd Scholl deepens his musical style even more on UNDER CONTROL. A style which is oriented more and more towards progressive techno, with a moderately syncopated zest of Trance on an always harmonious approach at the crossroads of Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis. Pushing his musical reflection further, he lines his 13 new compositions with syncretic-electronic sound elements which are in symbiosis with melodious structures. The orchestral arrangements are fluid, marrying the various rhythmic forms in order to add that depth which at times gives shivers of ecstasy. Supported by the multiplicity of synth layers, it adds a very colorful dimension to this very articulate sound fauna.

Not Real starts things up with a vaporous intro where the vocal samples pour towards futuristic zone. Soft arpeggios sparkle in a static environment, before a jerky movement takes over. The movement is slow and turns sensually on good orchestrations which are the strength of this 4th opus of Moonbooter. Beyond the voices and layers of mellotron synths, he makes his synth speak like a guitarist does with a talk box. A creative and sweet track, like Said Goodbye, Last Contact (4 am) which is a pure Vangelis' gem and Cold Sun. In fact, Not Real is a sweet prelude to an explosive album where the rhythms swirl on lines of stroboscopic sequencers of a strong intensity. The opening of Arped Obsession is brilliant with its string of arpeggios flowing towards a dark and throbbing ambience. The synths have this metallic taste and marry symphonic voices on sequences which return zigzagged on a more syncopated musical axis. The pulsations become heavy and knock with gravity in an effervescent sound universe where every corner abounds with its sound effects. A title bordering Trance, especially with its tribal percussions. And so goes UNDER CONTROL. If String Theory, Progression, Gaples Time and 3 Months & 3 Weeks oscillate between dark ambiences of more floating music and frenzied rhythms, Silence of the Night, Mellowman, End Splice Anthem and E M Da Phunk are on the other hand more biting and provocative. Trance with heavy and syncopated sequences with the tribal effects of stripping zombies.

I'm still not a complete Moonbooter fan, but I'm getting used to him. Sometimes I love it and other times my ears bleed! I found that this UNDER CONTROL offers a good diversity of styles in dance-music and e-rock. Recommended with a good headset so as not to lose a single key of this sonic excess, nor to lose the respect of neighbors or your spouse.

Sylvain Lupari (01/09/07) ***½**

Available at Mellow-Jet Records

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