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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Perceptual Defence's Physis is an album for fans of heavy and dark ambiences where the rhythms arise from strange atmospherical currents

1 Approaching the Mysterious & Impressive Building 11:56

2 Inside the Dark Place (The Concert Experience) 21:44

3 Walking Inside the Changing Rooms 15:53

4 A Deep Meditative Departure 16:28

(CD-R/DDL 66:01) (V.F.)

(Abstract experimental ambient music)

Winds that stir water and black ambiences blow in a paranoid delirium where murmurs and fine melodies clump together like a psychedelic wave falling from a bottomless gutter. Chords clink like a dissonant carousel and their puny tones are lost in an intense sonic fog where synth lines screech, like specters with large claws scraping reinforced concrete structures. Approaching the Mysterious & Impressive Building presents its very experimental ambiospherical structure with patterns of winds with acid breezes that open roofs and windows with a distant harmonic essence, while pulsating rumbling keys in a storm where the stars fight the persistence of the day. Perceptual Defence is the new treat that the German label SynGate offers to lovers of sound experiences, through its Luna division. An ambitious project by Italian sound sculptor Gabriele Quirici, PHYSIS adds to his impressive track record, which includes around forty albums, including several film scores and choreographies' music. Gabriele Quirici is an expressionist who delights in abstract art where sonic forms breathe free interpretations. At the very least, this is the way to approach PHYSIS; an album with an astonishing sound richness where ephemeral rhythmic structures upset the balance of an obscure intrusion between two universes.

Inside the Dark Place follows roughly the same tangent. The intro is very atmospherical with hoops of wadding that embrace a rotary movement in a heavy ambience of a city under reconstruction. The feeling of emptiness is omnipresent, even if the sonic universe depletes its resources with winds that pick up dust of tones which roll in loops in the winds of a huge machine whose triggering initiates a series of guttural whispers. The synths shed long sinuous tears and harmonized their lamentations with gurgles, while quietly Inside the Dark Place uses these elements to trigger a short rhythmic phase with limpid ions which jump in groups in a very beautiful refrain with tones analogues. This rhythm increases in power, pushing the fragile hiccups of keys towards a frantic cadence that a synth bewitches of its cosmic sinuous chants. Slowly, the rhythm marries a fairly sustained heart rate, beating stubbornly in these murmurs become threatening to finally fall into the bottomless abyss of the underground winds. Black winds? Perhaps! Because Walking Inside the Changing Rooms lavishly sprinkles our ears with dark breezes. We even hear murmurs, muffled laments, pierced this opaque field of winds that stifle all the atmospheres with a strangely confusing title. A Deep Meditative Departure continues to feed a form of obsession with breaths as dark as ever that hide an abstract life in which various heterogeneous tones sparkle.

PHYSIS is an album for fans of heavy and dark ambiences where the rhythms arise from strange atmospherical currents. We feel very well the desire, the will of Perceptual Defence to create this strange sonic universe where the immobility of the masses possesses an obvious power of hearing attraction. It's ambient, certainly, but not totally uninteresting.

Sylvain Lupari (September 11th, 2013) ***¼**

Available at SynGate Bandcamp

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