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PERGE: Mythos Part One (2014)

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

“Fans of Poland and Logos; hold your hats, this one is for you!”

1 Poloart 26:02

2 Myth Rouge 35:58

(DDL 62:00) (V.F.)

(E-rock and Berlin School)

It takes some boldness to attack works as major as Poland and Logos! I am not a musician! Of the music, I know only its charms. But I remember very well having listened to an album and think; that, I would have made it in a different way. I would have added sequences and percussions (I like the sequenced rhythms) here and there. And I imagine that my tastes meet those of Stringer & Getty, because the way they reshaped Poland and Logos seduced me very well. But does not attack monuments who wants! We know the boldness of Perge. The English duet is the only one to have dived into the atmospheres of Franke, Froese and Schmoelling with a so net precision in sounds, rhythms and vibes. Actually, we really have this impression to hear new sessions of the famous German trio by listening to the first 2 albums of Perge. Except that MYTHOS PART ONE leaves no room to ambiguity. If Dyad and Attalus showed a great originality in the art of getting into the spheres of Tangerine Dream, with compositions which flirted with the original essences of the mythical trio, this last album of Perge is a direct intervention, a reshaping in rule of certain parts of Poland and Logos. Moreover, the artwork is perfectly clear about the intentions of Perge.

Splendidly, Poloart puts our emotions to the test with this approach so icy of Barbakane. The hair rises of our arm! The sound is sharply stronger, and we dive directly into this cold rhythm where the resonances are buzzing, and the sequences are sparkling on sober and so effective percussions. We are in Poland and we feel it. The duet brings an almost organic touch with colorful sounds which ice these ambiences so strangely ethereal which knew how to sing over an ice field. I would say that it's the best of Barbakane, you have to hear these sequences bicker like balls on a conveyor, mixing to the magnificent final of Horizon while passing shortly over all of the Poland album. The boldness comes from this line of bass sequences which gets loose and re shapes a line of rhythm which invades our ears with just what it is necessary of subtlety to think that it was maybe the very first outtake of Barbakane. Set apart this static rhythm which hits us in the face, the moods are adorned with the charms of synth pads perfumed of icy breezes, with synth riffs which scatter some embryonic bits always so melodious and with superb solos which dominate in the section originality. Poloart! It's 12 minutes of Barbakane with an attractive ambience passage which makes the transition towards this attractive autopsy of this track towards the splendid final of Horizon. Delicious and without smudges! After a very brief embrace with the Velvet Part from Logos, Myth Rouge drives us to the wonderful and memorable Red Part.

Perge borrows then the paths of the 82 Logos tour with passages that seem to us familiar and of whom we do not arrive to identify clearly. I think that it's mainly the charm of this track. Bits of The Keep, notably the sequencing pattern, call out to our recollections, while that quite slowly Perge mixes passages known by the die-hard fans to some passages which are proper to the English duo. The ambient passage breathes with sequences which snore in the ethereal delights of the solos from a very melancholic synth. A bit of originality, still a little as if Edgar gave us secret elements of Logos, which I like. And like that, the finale of Myth Rouge struggles our ears between influences which seem to go out of the madness of Horizon, concluding another one very attractive album of Perge which if seems to offend the ears of die-hard fans, knows how to charm just as much those of those who like simply its audacity. Awesome! I wait and hope for a Mythos Part Two.

Sylvain Lupari (August 23rd, 2014) *****

Available at Perge Bandcamp

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