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REMY: Exhibition of Dreams 10th Anniversary Edition (3CD) 2010

More than 70 minutes of new music which fit with wonder with the original work in an enhanced sound envelope... what more do you want?

CD1 71:47

1 Into the Dream 12:47

2 Mirage 25:06

3 Lost Forces 11:38

4 La Luna 16:32

5 The Fields of Infinity 5:44

CD2 59:12

1 Unidentified Dreaming Objects 42:49

2 Silent Voices 8:05

3 Out of The Dream 8:18

Bonus CD 72:46

1 Metroid 10:26

2 Silent Voices Part II 9:03

3 Waiting for Dusk 10:08

4 The Fields of Infinity 10:44

5 The Cave 7:28

6 Storm 24:58

AKH Records • AKH 01103-2

(3 CD/DDL 203:46) (V.F.)

(New Berlin School)

Those who know me and who read me on Guts of Darkness know how I hate reissues, these innumerable boxes which exploit the same theme without really adding anything valuable to what has already been composed. I love EXHIBITION OF DREAMS as much as I love Remy's music! His music which is balanced between this period of analog / digital fusion of Klaus Schulze. And if the years Inter * Face, Dreams, En=Trance, Miditerranean Pads and even In Blue have nourished your ears, then this triple-box edition will nourish them even more. Melodious variations on the theme of dreams and of their night owls, EoD appeared in the late 90's. Its very first edition was on Mini-Disc, without overdubs and in very limited edition. It was at the very end of 1999 thought that the first edition of 2 CDs appeared on the l