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UWE RECKZEH: Altitude 30000 (2007)

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

A very nice album from Uwe that should please his fans, as well as those of Tangerine Dream and Arc

1 Altitude 30000 (9:12)

2 GOES-12 (14:35)

3 Category 5 (9:09)

4 Atlantic Hurricane (8:16)

5 Landfall (12:10)

6 List III – Katia (10:16)

(CD-r/DDL 64:08) (V.F.)

(E-Rock, New Berlin School, Soundtrack)

ALTITUDE 30000 is Uwe Reckzeh's 6th album. An album following his biggest personal success in Point North, and which also dissociates itself from it, by presenting a more daring writing structure, bordering on the very good and little-known Timecode. Moreover, it's 6 tracks which are around 10 minutes each that the German synthesist offers us. In doing so, he gives himself the chance to explore and develop his ideas with a more progressive, even experimental approach, like on GOES-12, while drawing inspiration from the good old Berlin School.

Do you like Tangerine Dream's Tangram? Then you will love the title-track. Because from the first chords of Altitude 30000, we are absorbed by a spiral twirling like a dragonfly with the fluty aromas that is the introduction of Tangram I. The chords are silky on a synth with symphonic spectra and on sequences as catchy as' harmonious. One would think to hear a remix of Edgar Froese with a Tangram having softer curves. Complex, GOES-12 is a track without steady rhythm, but always sprinkled with synths' melodies that trap us. The rhythm is forged by the heavy undulations of two sequencer lines crossing a main structure of abstract rhythm. This structure becomes more coherent with the addition of bass pulsations which give birth to reverberating sound bursts in order to support passages with stylized arabesques of spectral breaths. A very good track with atmospheric passages inspired by Stratosfear. A very good melodist, Uwe Reckzeh unboxes us a superb one with Tropical Cyclone. A title with a simple melodious theme on catchy and effective sequences. The kind of title that creates an earworm. Heavier and a little more complex, Atlantic Hurricane is hopping up and down on a nest of skillful percussions which break the rhythm on superb synths with fluty solos twirling in a stormy temperament. This is the kind of title that floods the ambiences with a sonic arc with a thousand prisms, while insisting on its harmonious approach. Landfall is another little gem of a sequencer which increases its intensity in layers of mellotron and keyboard chords. List III - Katia presents a similar approach, but with a more edgy and lively streak. The synths fly over a long atmospheric passage filled with rhythms broken by heavy sequences with metallic tones. This is the perfect example of an Uwe Reckzeh who constantly fascinates with bits of harmony inserted where we least expect them.

ALTITUDE 30000 is another nice surprise from Uwe Reckzeh. The German musician proves that the Dream could have survived with its metallic style of the 80's. It's well done and well melodic, despite the degree of complexity that shows throughout the album. What is pleasant is to see a constant progression in his albums with nice surprises to the delight of his fans. A very nice album which should please his fans, as well as those of Tangerine Dream and Arc.

Sylvain Lupari (August 24th, 2007) ***¾**

Available at MellowJet Records

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