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UWE RECKZEH: Part of Time (2008)

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

A compilation of music composed in the mid-90's that will certainly please Uwe's fans

1 Rising Star 6:48

2 Part of Time 6:59

3 The Hall of Visions 8:05

4 Elementary Voices 4:18

5 Silent Moves 6:36

6 Mirror of Infinity 6:24

7 Universal Avenue 6:54

8 Watching Behind 5:56

9 Listen to the Whales 5:15

10 Visit the Quit Zone 8:09

11 Sirius 6:26

(CD-r/DDL 71:56) (V.F.)

(E-Rock, New Berlin School)

The music that furnishes PART OF TIME is a compilation of music composed in the mid-90's, when Uwe Reckzeh was working on Project and was also initiating the opening lines of Behind the Northern Wasteland. A period when the music of the German synthesist dithered between synth pop and a new, more accessible Berlin School. But is that enough to justify a collection of old compositions which, admittedly, are superbly mixed by Bernd Scholl the big boss of MellowJet Records?

Heavy and weighty Rising Star opens with a spirited funky-style bass. Percussions and sequences hammer a frenetic West Indian-style rhythm with a synth as furious as the rhythmic structure. A dynamic track that comes out of Uwe Reckzeh's usual repertoire. The title-track continues Rising Star's rhythmic ride. Bass, supple and fluid sequences on a zigzagging piano, Part of Time is stirring on nervous percussions and a synth with wriggling chords coated with choirs and layers à la Vangelis. Short atmospheric moments break the rhythm, before plunging back into a disconcerting rhythmic on synths with symphonic arrangements. With its staggering sequence that intersects another one with a tone of big bell, The Hall of Visions brings us back a little more to the contradictory structures which are at the heart of Reckzeh's charm. In a minimalism approach wrapped in metallic layers which create a Software's passive lasciviousness and percussions which activate this slow cosmic waltz anchor even more the opposition of the harmonies of The Hall of Visions. A soft muffled sequence brings Elementary Voices out of its dark waves. Quilted sequence over a bell tone's one, the track emerges in a soft minimalism spiral stuffed with fine rattlesnake percussions and delicate feverish pulsations which are grafted to a mellotron synth with waltzing orchestrations. A good cosmic ballad of which we find the essence on Mirror of Infinity with a slightly more accentuated cadence. After a nebulous intro, Silent Moves slowly comes to life on a spiral sequencing pattern with a soft chime ringing. A lyrical approach that Reckzeh exploits wonderfully on PART OF TIME. The movement progresses on a superb orchestration, slowing down the rhythm with heavy layers which wind themselves around a vacillating cadence. A real beautiful title, well arranged, well orchestrated.

The intro of Universal Avenue floats on a synth with spectral whistles where undulating strata shape a phantom cadence which moves slowly on castanets cymbals. A strange hooting ode which becomes a techno synth pop of the New Order years. Without breaking the house, the rhythm remains rather captivating, frozen as it is in heavy nonchalant but catchy layers. A heavy and haunting rhythm just like on Watching Behind. Listen to the Whales evolves very slowly with an intro where the language of the whales is exploited on a fine sequence which becomes heavier as it progresses. Sirius closes PART OF TIME with a somewhat strange military march with his piano that zigzags over a complex harmonious structure. A superb piano whose resonance of notes merges wonderfully with tribal percussions, making Sirius as exotic as it is astonishing. A great find as we will discover some in this somewhat confusing collection that will certainly please fans of Uwe Reckzeh.

Sylvain Lupari (May 14th, 2008) ***½**

Available at MellowJet Records

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