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UWE RECKZEH: Unnatural Light (2009)

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Uwe Reckzeh presents another fine opus with varied rhythmic dimensions

1 Fall Line (Mo's Revenge) 6:55

2 Good Vibration 6:21

3 Wavelength 7:31

4 Metamaterial 5:39

5 Linear Polarized 7:39

6 Pure Energy (Boogie Mix) 5:16

7 Refractive Index 8:05

8 Annihilation 5:51

9 Radiation 7:30

(CD-r/DDL 60:46) (V.F.)

(E-Rock, melodious New Berlin School)

Chords sparkle as they spin, radiating a musical carousel with an oriental melody that swirls there. Fall Line (Mo's Revenge) is a little sweetness where even its deaf jolts do not manage to chase this fauna of heterogeneous percussions. The flow accelerates on brief neurotic sequences, like the stuck beak of a woodpecker banging and always banging on the same spot, drawing a strange undulating rhythmic structure on a synth with lyrical harmonies which stick to the ear. This first track of UNNATURAL LIGHT is quite representative of Uwe Reckzeh's new CD on MellowJet Records. The German musician presents an album focused on rhythmic diversity with a catchy fusion between the sequencer and electronic percussions in a superb musical ambience sculpted in the influences of Johannes Schmoelling. Offering some astonishing Berlin School, UNNATURAL LIGHT is a beautiful collection of 9 titles which can be approached with pleasure, as the musical universe is rich, harmonious and very much alive.

Spiraling arpeggios timidly open Good Vibration. The percussions push for a good melodious electronic rock with a synth and its harmonic solos having a tinge of bitterness. The cadence increases in sound and power, following a continual momentum pounded by this ringing and stubborn arpeggio, while the melodious side is whistled by this synth which reveals its other harmonic streaks. And when the rhythm unites its spasmodic spirit with the decor of Good Vibration, it results in music that sounds like Tangerine Dream, Le Parc period. I like Wavelenght which walks in the same furrows. Its hesitant structure activates on the minimalist chords of the sequencer. The keys are nervous and jump on harmonies with a sweet Arabian scent. The sequencer is well used with its rhythmic keys and those more melodious which swirl in orchestral arrangements with waltz impulses a little too fast, like a little too ambient. It looks like a Peter Baumann version 2010! I had heard voice effects in Good Vibration, but it was blurry. It's more direct on Metamaterial which offers a superb structure of rhythmic hopping softly in a form of zigzag so slowed down, that it is too seductive. The melody is whistled by specters, while the rhythm switches its cadence with a harmonious heaviness quite surprising, as on Pure Energy (Boogie Mix). Arpeggios with rhythmic progressions dance at the opening of Linear Polarized. Hammering percussions and synth with heavy layers overload this minimalist cadence which sometimes isolates itself, sometimes joins a loaded and diversified musical collective. Refractive Index is a long minimalism corridor where drummed sequences scatter over a structure which is wrapped in a heavy melodious synth at the end. Annihilation offers a more sustained structure with a rhythm that is like Sweet Dreams are Made of this from Eurythmic. A minimalist structure which turns in loops on nice synth strata. Radiation closes UNNATURAL LIGHT with a hypnotic and dark cadence that progresses stealthily veiled by very Tangerine Dream layers. A dark approach with a vocoder which recites a chimerical ritual in a chthonian ambience where the harmonies emerge on a good melodious synth. Like everything that can be heard on Uwe Reckzeh's 7th album.

Sylvain Lupari (June 18th, 2009) ***½**

Available at MellowJet Records

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