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VANDERSON & PRZEMYSLAW RUDZ: Remote Sessions (2013)

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The Polish duo offers a very good album which navigates between cosmic ambiences, lunar soundscapes and dancing rhythms

1 Journey to the Northern Land 18:06

2 Leaving the Earth 7:06

3 Far Away from Here 8:19

4 Lonely Dot 11:27

5 Sounds of Scattered Waves 5:52

(CD 50:53) (V.F.)

(Cosmic E-Rock)

When we see the names of Vanderson and Przemysław Rudz on a CD artwork, and what a nice one it is, we have both our ears on the watch. And it's comprehensible. These 2 Polish artists are iconic figures of the Poland School movement such as showed with strong albums that they have realized over the years. And when one sees both names on the same artwork, the curiosity goes growing. Like on REMOTE SESSIONS where the unexpected duo presents a concept album about the spatial journeys with 5 tracks which interlace in a long musical act of 51 minutes and which embrace the soft analog perfumes of the cosmic music.

After a brief ambiospherical intro where all the sonic elements are set up, a sequence of rhythm begins a delicate movement of kicks, from which the minimalist jumps will serve as basis to the next 17 minutes of Journey to the Northern Land. The approach is simply magnetizing. The synth lines which are dawdling around in this rhythmic panorama, such as lassos prisoners of a circular wind, add the harmonious portion of this dodecaphonic sonic fight, while that somber whispers decorate a first part of an aura of paranoia. The structure makes heavier its pace and its ambiences with banging and mist of Mellotron, setting ablaze some fine nuances in an approach which looks constantly for the ornaments of its imposing presence. Some superb and creative solos spin in all directions above this electronic dance of kicks, bringing an analog touch to a very contemporary rhythm. The approach can be as much striking than ethereal, and we do not see, nor hears the whole 18 minutes. It is a beautiful minimalist electronic hymn which ends in a storm when the solos are going off the rails with huge and grave distortions from an e-guitar. It's then the take-off of Leaving the Earth which assumes its 7 minutes with an experimental ambiosonic approach where are sparkling some brief movements of sequenced percussions which flutter in the heavy eddies of twisted reverberations. The whispers come back haunting our perception, uniting Leaving the Earth to Far Away from Here which slides into cosmos with superb lunar breezes. Arpeggios of glass sing and their resonances forge a delicate spiraled structure of rhythm which serves as basis to another line of sequences in formation. This one shakes the keys with more restlessness. They skip in a rhythmic figure still harmonic, setting the tone to a heavy rhythm of which the jerks espouse this fascinating hypnotic rhythmic symbiosis which skips merrily in a mist of ether. The acuteness of the synth solos transforms Far Away from Here into a beautiful cosmic ballad of which the harmonies get closer of the romantic French School. This is as much beautiful, and especially very catchy, as unexpected. Lonely Dot, what an appropriate naming, is the most relaxing piece of music in REMOTE SESSIONS with its isolated points of sequences which try to pierce a rhythm in dense eddies and strong magnetic countercurrents. We literally swim in cosmos when some sequences swirl in the waltzing winds of Orion. They sparkle and bounce in a fascinating dislocated choreography, suspending so a rhythmic approach which implodes with a heavy line of bass and by percussions with delicate moderate banging. Grumbling solos stand up over this circular rhythm where sequences resound as knocks of glass ball on a Bolo of steel, while that a surprising rhythmic spiral strengthens the agitated rhythm of Sounds of Scattered Waves which swirls with the same ferocity as its solos.

Vanderson and Przemysław Rudz honor their reputations by offering a very beautiful album with ambiences which are splendidly widened between wild electronic rhythms. I like this fusion of the of the retro Berlin School and the cosmic French School styles which surrounds the 51 minutes of REMOTE SESSIONS; an album which navigates between its cosmic ambiences, its lunar paintings and its dancing rhythms.

Sylvain Lupari (December 24th, 2013) *****

Available at Generator pl

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