• Sylvain Lupari

VARIOUS ARTISTS: 6 Years B​-​Wave Festival (2020)

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

3 hours of electronic music, mostly unreleased, with 22 different artists flirting with various directions bound by Berlin School…This is a must have!

1 B-Wave Yourself ! (RMI) 6:40

2 Light Arrows Two (Age) 4:35

3 Memento (E.Wøllo) 6:43

4 Stata (I. Boddy) 7:40

5 Conversie Van De Geest (Onsturicheit) 8:27

6 Rayna (Alienna) 5:11

7 Viral Thoughts (Sensory++) 7:28

8 Q (M.Stearns) 5:49

9 Les Baladins du Vide (Lightwave) 12:32

10 Vertigo (Aerodyn) 8:14

11 Marcel Proust 2020 (Nothing But

Noise) 7:08

12 Eson (Xyrion) 8:14

13 Timeless Trip (Space Megalithe) 17:18

14 First Appearance (The Roswell Incident) 9:03

15 Nebula (Owann) 6:32

16 Belgische Pralinen (BK&S) 11:25

17 Midnight Forest (Nattefrost) 8:19

18 Belgian Rehearsal (Kontroll Raum) 12:19

19 Sequantor (Lounasan) 10:11

20 The Tree (The Tower Tree) 9:39

21 Mellowya (Jovica Storer) 5:48

22 Neumann Etude (Spyra featuring Roksana) 7:46

Art For Ears Music

(DDL 2:54:39) (V.F.)

(Progressive Berlin School)

Well, there is some excellent electronic music in this huge compilation offered by the Art For Ears team. For a few years now, I have been telling you about this new emergence of electronic music in Belgium. Well here is the result of the races some 8 years later. The very first B Wave Festival was held in December 2013 at Cultuur Centrum Muze. Ian Boddy, Age, The Roswell Incident and Nisus were the guests. It was a second breathe for the Belgian EM which had not had such an event for 20 years. This first B Wave was to become the precursor of this second wave of emerging artists, while Ron Boots' label offered its customers the first artists of the style with the reissue of albums from Walter Christian Rothe, Age and Patrick Kosmos. What an artist he was! But back to this second wave and its new artists. Since 2013, there have been 6 festivals. And all the artists of this 3-hour compilation of pure EM took part. Sadly, the 2019 one had to be canceled due to low ticket sales. The sales of this compilation, available only for download on the Bandcamp site of Art For Ears, will be used to help the funding of this non-profit organization which helps promote EM made in Belgium; the Belgian School. In parallel, the organizers are also producing the Ambien Nation series. Do you remember that Ambient Nation Vol. 5? A triple-CD box set that also offered more than 3:30 hours of Belgian EM? And like this compilation, there is everything in this 6 X B-WAVE FESTIVAL.

This long musical odyssey begins with Radio Massacre International and B-Wave Yourself! It had been a while since I had heard RMI's music. And the English trio hasn't really changed their sound, nor their approach of producing improvised EM during sessions and / or concerts. The pace is lively and alert. However, the teeming backbone of the sequencer remains in a neutral zone. Percussive bang-bangs and Gary Houghton's guitar roam behind this stationary rhythmic conveyor whose thrilling nervous rhythm won't take off. The ambiences remain in this spirit of the Tangerine Dream's Encore years. Age has resurfaced with the reissue of Landscapes in 2018 and Light Arrows Two is from the same mold as the very good Lost in Silence where we find precisely the first part of this title which is a good Berlin School with a melodious rhythm where are grafting the spectral chants of a whining synth. If you like Berlin School, this compilation has something to satisfy your gluttony by expanding the frameworks of this genre which is unconventional here. From the start, I think of Marcel Proust 2020 of Nothing But Noise. A solid interpretation of a totally crazy track from the album Not Bleeding Red in 2012. I don't know Xyrion at all, but I can write that this Eson is a jewel of the Belgian School with a big sequencer and a progressive touch that is simply enjoyable. Sequantor from Lounasan is another track that embraces the Berlin School with its progressive rhythm. The sequencer makes weave a spasmodic line that the Belgian musician adorns with good effects and bits of melodies drawn from a bag of surprises. But the synth solos on this track, which is very Tangerine Dream of the Hyperborea years, are breathtaking. We continue our chase for the Berlin School side! After a long meditative-cosmic passage, Space Megalithe's Timeless Trip develops into a good vintage Berlin School with a nice use of the Mellotron on an ascending rhythm structure. On the Mellotron side, The Roswell Incident is a sure bet and First Appearance is part of the cosmic Berlin School genre specific to the Koen and Jan Buytaert brothers' style.