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VARIOUS: DiN Index07 (2022)

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Do yourself a favor, you will discover a universe as fascinating as futuristic

1 Dusk is the Musk 4:37

2 From Here to There 4:31

3 Ambient Pressure 4:12

4 The Fountains are Singing 4:24

5 Glade 3:38

6 Dutch Knowledge 4:18

7 Parallels 5:03

8 The Ascent 5:07

9 Home 3:54

10 Inner Beacon 2:49

11 Raven King 4:09

12 Empire 3:43

13 Stranice 4:05

14 The Fallen 4:36

15 Hydrostatic Equilibrium 4:27

16 The Turning 4:53

17 Nitro 3:52

18 Nostalgia Bomb 4:30


(CD/DDL 77:00) (V.F.)

(Experimental, Modular Synth Music)

Mixed and mastered by the unique Ian Boddy, the compilation iNDEX 07 offers 2 tracks from the DiN61 to DiN69 albums that the boss has pleasantly melted in a long 77 minutes mosaic, giving so a new sonic vision to their music. We find there the albums of Nigel Mullaney, Dave Bessell, Scanner, Lyonel Bauchet and Ian Boddy, as well as collaborations between Dave Bessell & Parallel Worlds and Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter. As usual, this 7th compilation takes us into the magnificent universe of the famous English label which is known for its musical aesthetics and its desire to make EM progresses outside the known paths.

A very catchy way to start this compilation is with the music of Nigel Mullaney who is one of the 3 artists to offer 4 tracks on this new iNDEX from the English label DiN. Taken from