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A splendid album that I discover on the late and that I have to make room for in my top 50, next to The Song of Distant Earth

1 Mundo 4:48

2 Sunstanding I 2:02

3 Sunstanding II 5:23

4 Sunstanding III 4:59

5 Obsidian 6:31

6 Voices in the Deep 13:33

7 Mnemosyne (Excerpt) 4:54

8 Paths of Vision 4:00

9 Drifting 5:46

10 Lughnasad 7:48

11 Vanilla 4:35

12 Heart 7:45


13 Lughnasad (2020) 16bit Listening WRAP 1:12:09

14 Just Passin' Thru / Secrets 11:37

15 Mnemosyne 26:40

16 Senanque 26:47

17 Dreams of Lughnasad (RadioSilence - 2020) 26:53

18 Lughnasad Remix 2020 8:34

19 Lughnasad (Early Demo) 9:41

Andy Pickford Music

(DDL 4:14:34) (V.F.)

(England School, New Age & EDM)

It would be unfair to review this album title by title. I can speak well of this crazy snowflakes falling from the heavens in the strides of melodious staccatos, like of my feet receiving the caresses of the ocean waves. Or even of that enchanting acoustic serenade that adds a second line of melody to Mundo, that I would be able to convince you. This splendid opening to LUGHNASAD 2020 24-bit COLLECTORS EDITION sawed off my legs, so much it's beautiful. There is more! Manual percussions, like Bongo or Tabla, add a sparkling rhythmic life that angelic choirs caress with their virginal whispers. How beautiful it is! This superb title fades in the murmurs that we heard in The Songs of Distant Earth, and the long breaths of Didgeridoo which make the opening of Sunstanding I. This title in 3 stages collects all the psychedelic artifices of AP which are twinned to his orchestrations. A line of sequences encircles the ambiences, while these same tribal percussions drum a rhythm which is made to hear sitting. And the vocal effects come and go, whispering quickly Sunstanding. A synthesized voice throws us some opera stuff, while Sunstanding II heads towards its 3rd part and its broth of intensity that we welcome with questioning, not knowing whether we like it or not. Except this is where Andy Pickfo