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Forrest Fang & Sans Serif Unbound (2011)

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

In a universe fed of many morphic synth lines with a few melodies wandering in it, this album goes only for the ears fond of deep dark ambient music

1 Henon's Aurora 13:20

2 Chant Of Urm 8:52

3 Lost Oracle 12:09

4 A Silver Season 12:28

5 Tone In Alium 10:32

(CD/DDL 57:23) (V.F.)

(Deep Ambient Music)

Forrest Fang is an American musician of Chinese descent who specializes in the ambient music tinted with ethnicity and minimalism. Inspired by Steve Roach, Robert Rich and other pioneers of American ambient music, Forrest Fang navigates in the musical ocean which is EM since 1981 with his first opus; Music From the Blackboard Jungle. UNBOUND is his 12th work and his 3rd on Sam Rosenthal's label; Projekt Records. Mastered by Robert Rich, this ambient album is made with the help of Sans Serif and ends to be a long musical odyssey impregnated of long linear movements which are criss-crossing in a curious interbreeding of harmonies where the darkness of the morphic movements embraces some strange iridescent odes.

Henon's Aurora opens this ambient odyssey with a fine synth line which clears itself a path among some discreet ringing. A fine movement of a surprising tranquillity is deploying around this delicate introductory line which sways of a harmonious acuteness and frees astral choirs which are moulding along those long and sinuous shimmering curves. Between the abysses of Steve Roach's Immersion Series and Michael Stearns' angelic vision, Henon's Aurora progresses with a stunning astral impact where the multiplicity of its waves creates a superb cosmic Angelus which brings us straight ahead in Morpheus' arms. An excellent track for sleepless quite as the final track Tone in Alium. Between them, a recurrent pattern exists in the musical voyage of Unbound falls with long synth lines adorned of darkness which get intertwine in some nightmarish atmospheres. Chant of Urm, Lost Oracle and To Silver Season are going on the same paths with few differences between them.

Morphic and atonic, but also harmonious than platonic, Forrest Fang's UNBOUND is an ambient album that we tame from the tips of our ears. The musical universe is fed of long and slow layers of a morphic synth which waltz sinuously into implosive movements. It's an extremely floating music which seems to ge out of Steve Roach's Immersion limbs, but with a subtle harmonious touch that we hear if we consent to travel along these ethereal waves that surround this album. This is for fans of deep ambient music.

Sylvain Lupari (August 22nd, 2011) *****

Available at Projekt Records Bandcamp

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