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INDRA: Archives-Diamond Three (2016)

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

“Even with structures which looks alike, the EM of Indra is always an ear-catchy cocktail of tones and of growing beats”

1 Ticket to the Moon 19:40 2 Intermezzo 17:12

3 Rhythm & Elegance 22:26 4 Underground 13:36 Indra Music

(CD/DDL 72:57) (V.F.)

(Roumanian School)

Same or not the same, the music of Indra is always a seductive cocktail of electronic subtleties finely developed by the very poetic vision of the Rumanian synthesist. It's thus without great surprises that I discover this 3rd chapter of the Diamond series from this impressive boxset of 25 CD entitled Archives. Sculpted around 4 long minimalist structures, DIAMOND THREE adds nothing more that we know of the Indra universe. The one to whom we owe another ambitious project, The Tantric Celebration series, likes to walk on his structures to lay down his sonic powder which takes various forms of evolutionary rhythms where also pearl these sequences with rhythmic visions as much diversified as their tones. And as at each time, the music of Indra manages to make us frown of enchantment with unexpected progressions as well as a sound flora always very tasty for the sense of hearing.

Ticket to the Moon draws our attention straight out with an introduction sculpted by ample oscillations which flow like the ingurgitations of a submarine beast. Synth lines grab this huge bass line, creating a ballet of oceanic ebb to the colors of an eclipse. Amphibian or lunar, this introduction of colorful tones escapes towards the place of angels who bring out clarions and oboe. Pulsations emerge then around the 5th minute. They are arrhythmic and structure a slightly jerky rhythm which jumps up under the dense coat of velvet of an anesthetic synth. Between the up-tempo and Techno, this bed of pulsations displays its minimalist approach by playing a little with its velocity to reach peaks of intensity which are also coated by lines of mist and of voices. The sequences begin to sparkle, adding a rhythmic element which gives more depth to this line of rhythm of which the greediness will fade some 6 minutes later. Afterward, the introductory elements make a strong comeback to merge also in a long corridor where whistle a host of astral winds. Intermezzo follows with lively ringings which join a herd of sequences among which the tones and the jumps are in confrontation in this structure of astral rhythm. Thin lines of monks' voices amplify the pastoral harmonies while the rhythmic skeleton is in minimalist mode and is of use as the basis to gurgling tones which try to bring Intermezzo towards a more psychedelic depth. The arrival of sober percussions redirects this structure towards an up-tempo where sing a good mixed choir. Diverse sound effects and other tones of sequences ring, sparkle and dance, while a superb angelic voice brings a feminine heat to this calm rhythm. Indra splits Intermezzo to bring it towards a short meditation phase before the rhythmic tumult returns with more vigor.

A good track which prepares the long and non-less great Rhythm and Elegance. First of all, the intro is ethereal with layers of evasive effects and ringings which go towards a good muffled pulsation. The sequences are dancing lightly like electronic fireflies and the ascendancy of the ringings accentuates an effect of lascivious trance well maintained by the palpitations of the bass-drum. The evolution of this set of rhythmic elements pushes Rhythm and Elegance around an ear-catching percussions fauna and more fed percussive elements while taking care of well oxygenating its 22 minutes. Let's say that the music represents greatly the meaning of its title. Once again, my friend Indra has the intuition to bring out a rabbit of his hat. Living on a structure of rhythm in perpetual movement as well as on more ambient intermissions, Underground flits, and at times resounds, with a strong perfume of Klaus Schulze. The sequences skip over a pattern of some rather tribal percussions. And if the jingles of the percussions sparkle with a hypnotic approach, the sequences which flutter in all directions, as well as those sibylline winds which whistled in the finale of Ticket to the Moon, plunge us into a part of Schulze's universe. And after a small phase of ambient particles, always linked to the palpitations of the bass drum, the music of Underground goes toward Techno, Dance and Trance which always remains coated with a pleasant perfume of astral serenity.

As I wrote it higher; same or not the same, the music of Indra is always an ear-catchy cocktail of a EM finely elaborated to satisfy these ears in search of glittering tones and this soul in search of sensation, of emotion. We feast with Rhythm and Elegance and the rest will follow. It's always like that with Indra!

Sylvain Lupari (March 5th, 2018) ***¾**

Available at Indra Bandcamp

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