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PERCEPTUAL DEFENCE: ...but at the End everything will be alright! (2020)

This is a purely dark ambient structure endowed of a rare intensity that can be heard by the secret implosions that interact with the visions of its author

1...but at the End everything will be alright! 38:32

(DDL 38:32) (V.F.)

(Dark-ambient EM)

It's like a mist, a bad dream that envelops us! In a symphony of multiple synth layers that moisten and get agglutinate on blotting paper, or like this big swirl of soft caramel that we brew, ... BUT AT THE END EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT! is transmitted to our ears with the grief of those we have lost. Obviously, and I sincerely think that this is the case, Gabriele Quirici didn't want to take advantage of this global health disaster to make some pesos! Rather, he tried to express his dismay, the anguish in his native Italy which has become the European country most severely attacked by pandemic linked to the Coronavirus. This long title which flirts with the 40 minutes is a purely ambient structure and endowed with a rare intensity which is heard by the secret implosions which push the movement to interact with the visions of its author. Available only in download format, the price is very reasonable, it's a good title that fits well in the dark and ambient EM style of Perceptual Defence.

The slow agonies of the multi layered synth lines, I see no other way to interpret them, squeal colors as disturbing as the screeching of the nails on a blackboard, as they blow this song of sulfur with slow black gyratory movements. Sometimes, a blue gleam pierces this wall which separates Eden from Hell, making tickle the ear which seeks to discern these phantom and invasive voices cantoning under its reflections as evanescent as a scarlet sword in the bottom of a lake. We hear some tapping in this analog fresco which brings us to the abyss. And then came a more exhilarating moment after the 17 minutes. This long title slides quietly towards a song of life while flirting with a vision of M'Oceans, famous album by Michael Stearns. The claws of the threat enclose this prohibition to celebrate life too quickly with a mass of shadows and its darkness which slowly revolve until more sibylline colors embrace the slow maelstrom of layers and of the effects of reverberations. What is nimbus turns into a floating park where the birds chirp and the feet of onlooker clatter in what seems to be a distant setting of a city whose memories are already lost in this confusion which absorbs them. It was my way of hearing, feeling and describing this ... BUT AT THE END EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT! which was improvised by Gabriele Quirici in a gloomy evening in his Musart Studio in Rome. Obviously, this evening of March 14 was far from predicting the weeks that followed. And that rainbow always seems to be this far away. BUT AT THE END EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT! 😉

Sylvain Lupari (April 1st, 2020) ***¾**

Available at Perceptual Defence Bandcamp

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