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PHROZENLIGHT: Dreamland (2006)

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

The 70 minutes of Dreamland weave some very relaxing music that could help you reach the lands of still dreams

1 Spirit Is Traveling Far Into the Caves Of Dreamland 17:04

2 Dreamscapes 15:56

3 Endless Morphing 16:04

4 Mare Infinity 19:39

Phrozenlight Music

(DDL 68:45) (V.F.)

(Deep Ambient EM)

Phrozenlight is a rising artiste in EM and a very endearing character! I had the opportunity to chat with him when I downloaded one of his albums. It was the time when his music was available for free on his website. Long before Bandcamp came. Of all the definitions I've heard to explain what Electronic Music is, I think his is the best. It's a soundtrack of a dream without movement. Hmm ... what a definition! And how true that may be if one likes the ambient genre of Brian Eno and other artists who create ambient music, without sequencers or electronic drums or even without these electro-magnetic pulses from synth waves. The music of Phrozenlight, at least here, belongs to this category of soundtrack of a dream without movement.

Phrozenlight is the project of a Dutch dreamer; Bert Hulshof. He makes his music at home with computer equipment. This is called digital electronic music. A genre snubbed by artists since anyone, without any musical training, can do it and the sound remains rather cold. His influences are Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Hawkwind, Ashra Temple and Adelbert Von Deyen. He likes the very ambient and very floating side of analog music from the 70's, and DREAMLAND is the complete the reflection of his passions. It's very ambient and cosmic with slow movements which are drifting in a cosmic oblivion. Four long titles which are in suspension and which travel through a nebulous cosmos. A bit like floating in a weightless dome. A deadly dream where the sounds in gravity on the Milky Way revolve at the speed of a turtle emerging from a lunar crater. It's atmospheric anesthetic and it's very faithful to the lunar papal odes of the first Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream. It's a bit long if you want to move or fly on the attacks of the sequencer and of its intertwined lines, but it's relaxing if you want to reach the lands of still dreams.

Well, it's free and it allows you to discover the facets of atmospheric EM. What we call; ambient music. And the approximately 70 minutes of DREAMLAND weave very relaxing music. You don't drive your car, much less a supersonic jet! Even today, it's possible to obtain EM at more than very reasonable prices on the Bandcamp site of Phrozenlight. And there is music more animated and pushed by sequencers. As for this album, you will find it free on 320 KBPS at several places over the net.

Sylvain Lupari (March 29th, 2007) *****

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