• Sylvain Lupari

RUDOLF HEIMANN: TranceFusion (93-18)

“TranceFusion requires a fairly open mind for a very diverse EM which slips quite often towards Rhythm & Groove beats”

1 Livin' on a Dream 7:01 2 Energy Fooled the Electrician 3:54 3 Fantasist's Mushroom Experience 8:36 4 Tequila Sunset 7:12 5 Trancefusion 8:08 6 On the Rebound 6:37 7 Smurfs in Space (VCO Edit) 14:07 8 Acid Drive 6:53 9 Leaving the Logic Sector 9:10 10 Track and Field 6:07 MellowJet Records|cdr-hm1802 (CD-R/DDL 77:35) (V.F.) (EDM, E-Rock, Dance Music, etc...) Inspired primarily by Mike Oldfield and by Alan Parsons' progressive rock, Rudolf Heimann's universe shifts from electronic rock to synth-pop, Funk with a catchy bass, Rhythm & Groove and a more progressive electronic rock where some perfumes smell the music of Jethro Tull. The gap is big? Hum ... Imagine now when Rap and Techno are added! We have here a macedonia of genres whose disparity of styles is always difficult to encircle. Holger Stausberg (Guitars), Marc Schreiner (Acoustic Guitar), Uta Minzberg (Flutes), Ralf Schönenberg (Tenor Sax), Wiebke Troue (Violin), Geesche Troue (Viola), Damien v. Helsing (Bass), Dirk J. Müller (Hammond) and Bernd Rasche (Programming) are the guest musicians in the creation of TRANCEFUSION which is actually the 3rd album of the German musician. Originally released on the Musique Intemporelle label in 1993, founded by Bernd Kistenmacher and which is now MIR, this album came back to the surface in 2006 on SynGate, which included a bonus track (John's Theme