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STEPHEN PARSICK: Fuzzstars-Music For Planetarium Vol.2 (2008)

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

This is an album where the music is subtly created with the idea of our subconscious can has of space

1 Moon Musick Phase One 13:10

2 Dark Matter 8:20

3 Fuzzstars 10:05

4 Threshold 8:15

5 Sometimes They Call It ‘’God’’ 13:30

6 Emptyness is all There is 5:25

7 Multiverse 9:25

8 A Boundary 3:30

(DDL 72:00) (V.F.)

(Deep ambient music, Drones)

Odd shouts from a chimerical duck open Moon Musick Phase One. Glaucous and lugubrious cackling in a heavy and cold silence which is revealed in a linear movement with weak and subtle oscillations. A constant metallic crescendo projects an emphatic power, like a slow sonic tsunami eroding astral passivity. A heavy nocturnal shower where the powerful reverberations of the molten novae and the poetic sluggishness are the premises of an ode to the movements of the stars and planets which is visualized from sketches and photos during visits to a planetarium. FUZZSTARS-MUSIC FOR PLANETARIUM Vol. 2 is composed of 9 tracks, all equally ambient, which were conceived late at night in order to take this shape of the astral loneliness that Stephen Parsick wanted to impose on himself. A daring musical project for a series of shows that accompanies the planetarium exhibitions. A creative approach that embraces the dark and cold tranquility of the elements that dominate our stratosphere.

Throughout this cosmic journey, the listener is seized by the sound power that emerges of each title. Riddled with a crackling auditory droop, Dark Matter breathes the imaginary suffocation of Dark Matter beneath subtle metallic tinkles coated with a heavy propellant wind. A bit as if we were passing through this unknown form, the listening is oppressive before sinking into a starry tranquility that is perfumed of an ethereal sweetness, embellishing this very spatial opus by Stephen Parsick. Even if the absence of rhythm is the cornerstone of Fuzzstars, each title has its own sound signature while overlapping each other, giving the impression of a long cosmic serenade that emerges from the paths of the fabulous Michael Stearns' Chronos. Except that FUZZSTARS-MUSIC FOR PLANETARIUM Vol. 2 ignites at times these corrosive breaths stuffed with reverberations and metallic resonances which erode a timid and partial clarity. We hear weak and brief chimes that illuminate a sound darkness that is sometimes opaque and dense, sometimes more romantic but rarely sweet.

FUZZSTARS-MUSIC FOR PLANETARIUM Vol. 2 is a true cosmic album. An album where the music is subtly created with the idea of our subconscious can has of space. A big 72 minutes of ambient music without any rhythmic life, apart from these few impulses pushed by the breaths of ocher-colored synths which are well visualized by Stephen Parsick. For lovers of heavy and dark ambient music ...

Sylvain Lupari (October 20th, 2008) *****

Available at [´ramp] Bandcamp

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