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TANGERINE DREAM: Miracle Mind (1989)

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

A good surprise with some surprisingly good music on it, Miracle Mile is among the very good soundtrack from TD in the 80's

1 Teetering Scales 3:39

2 One for the Books 3:04

3 After the Call 5:11

4 On the Spur of the Moment 3:00

5 All of a Dither 3:24

6 Final Statement 3:14

7 In Julie's Eyes 3:15

8 Running out of Time 3:30

9 If It's All Over 4:34

10 People in the News 5:10

11 Museum Walk 3:12

Private Music CD: 2047-2-P

(CD/LP 41:13) (V.F.)

(Soundtrack, Ballad, Soft Rock)

After the departure of Chris Franke and the release of Optical Race, many fans of the Dream gave up on its future. It was bad knowing Edgar who once again will take a rabbit out of his hat, a question of astonishing and surprising fans and media, with a soundtrack whose music is inspired by tunes of already heard. MIRACLE MILE is like hearing old Tangerine Dream, with tracks like Teetering Scales, Running out of Time and People in the News, remodeled in post-analog technologies and in the complicity of a duo, Haslinger / Froese, who would have wreaked havoc if time had worked in its favor. Although we have to make a link between Optical Race and Lilly on the Beach, MIRACLE MILE doesn't have great weaknesses for a soundtrack, let's give Edgar what he deserves, that I would rank among one of the best of Tangerine Dream.

Edgar Froese and Paul Haslinger offer 11 tracks for a total of 42 minutes where wild rhythms breathe on good sequencing patterns. Teetering Scales, After the Call and People in the News are jewels of incredible violence, including People in the News, which is ultra heavy, with heavy riffs on an infernal beat. Hyper fast and stressful to the bone, All of a Dither would have been a classic for DJ's. A title as perverse as the wild rhythms of Prodigy. But Froese and Haslinger haven't only go for the ease of rhythm machines and unbridled sequences. They have succeeded in gluing a musical depth to it that sharpens the hearing. One for the Bookset is a superb melody that clearly demonstrates the musical impact of Paul Haslinger in Tangerine Dream. The Austrian musician reveals his immense talent on the piano with notes that he makes light and circular which scroll like an acoustic sequence. Running out of Time is another great ballad that seems to come out of Risky Business sessions. It's a good track that could have made a hit on FM! Museum Walk and If It's all Over are 2 ballads that use orchestral arrangements with intense and romantic violin strata, like in the days of black and white cinema. And what about In Julie's Eyes? A strange menacing rhythm that progresses in the vapors of a tortuous violin and on a hypnotic pounding, a sign that Edgar still has the flame for dark titles.

In short, a very good CD which is well worth the detour and which should find its niche in any Tangerine Dream collection, not just for collector's greed, but for his highly stylized music.

Sylvain Lupari (March 22nd, 2007) ***½**

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